The Arcadia Run

Occupation History of Arcadia Pastoral Run.

Gregor McGregor was the first white man to occupy the Arcadia Run. He is listed in the NSW Government Gazette of September 18th 1840 as having paid the five pound fee to to occupy the station. It is possible that he occupied the land proir to this date, because of the large areas that the squatters had claimed, the official records may not have been up todate, or the policing of the areas occupied by the squatters was lagging behind? It appears that he held the Arcadia Run up untill about 1843, when William and Henry Clifton took over the run. The Clifton brothers held the run for about twenty years, relinquishing it about 1864, when John Pearce took over the run.

No 37 Gazetted July 26th 1848
Original estimated area 80,000 acres. (Licence 50 months prior to N.S.W. O.I.C. October 1847)
William Snow & Henry Clifton 1858 Jan.22
Subdivided into: 1. Arcadia 2. Pine Lodge


Subdivision of no 37 Arcadia
Original estimated area 48,000 acres
1858 Jan. W.S & H.Clifton
1858 Feb. William Snow Clifton
1864 Feb.29 John White Pearce 1864 Feb.29 Charles Heape
1864 Jne.3 John White Pearce
1867 Apr.8 Archibald McMillan
1869 Aug.20 The Australian Morgage Land & Finance Co. Ltd.
1873 Apr.26 Julius Martin Wilkinson of Melbourne
1878 Nov.22 Abandoned

Date about 1845 or before.

Description of run.

Bounded by the Goulburn River on the North West for about 10 miles by the Broken River from its junction with Goulburn 4 miles East by South to an old hut on the North bank thence by a line bearing north 10 miles thence by a line bearing north north by east 7 miles bounding Mr Shepherd’s run by a line bearing South 12 miles to a point .where a small Creek enters the Broken River thence continued South to the Honey Suckle Creek 4 miles bounding Mr Grimets ? run thence by the Honey Suckle Creek West by north 8 miles thence by a line bearing South West 4 miles to the Sevens Creek at a point 7 miles from our home station South West 7 miles to the Castle Creek where a hut of Mr Raleigh’s stands on the opposite bank bordering Mr Kirkland’s run thence by the Castle Creek north 4 miles thence by a plough line 1 mile North West to the Goulburn River.

Commissioners district. Murray
General localities. Goulburn River
Estimated number of acres 80,000 acres.
Estimated capability for grazing 6000 sheep
Signature of applicant William Snow Clifton & Henry Clifton.

Description of Run

Application for lease of The Arcadia Run

Application for lease

Half yearly return of the number of persons employed or resigning at, and the number and description of the livestock.

Date July 1st 1845. William Snow Clifton and Henry Clifton.
Persons at Station. 6 male (free), 1 female (free). 1 male (bond). Total 7.
How the above were employed, names were also given.
William Clifton and Henry Clifton, Superintending Station.
3 men (free) listed as Shepherd’s.
1 man (free) listed as hut keeper.
1 man (bond) William Phillips listed as Bullock Driver.
Stock listed on pastoral run. The brand (Mark) used, C.
4 horses, 6 cattle, 1833 sheep.
To which the following fee was paid to the government.
4 horses one shilling, 6 cattle 9 pence, 1833 sheep 3 pounds 16 shillings 4 1/2 pence.
Total paid 3 Pounds 18 Shillings 1.5 Pence
Cost per animal: horses 3pence ea. cattle 1.5 pence ea. Sheep .5 pence ea.

Half Yearly Return July 1, 1845

Return for stock on Station. January 1st 1848 (not on official form)

Stock Return January 1, 1848

Return of livestock kept and pastured Messrs W. S. and H. Clifton in the District of Murray beyond the District of the Colony, rendered in conformity with the jurisdiction of the act of the Governor and council.
Name of Station. Arcadia.
Persons Superintending William Snow Clifton.
Estimated extent of run 80 sq miles.
Stock on Station and how branded.
Horses 9 CP, cattle 25 CP, sheep 4427 various marks.
Deposition from owner:
I William Snow Clifton do solemnly declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief the foregoing is a true and faithful account of all sheep, horses and cattle of every kind kept or pastured by me, or under my charge on the several stations above-mentioned within the District of Murray, and I make the declaration by virtue of the act of the Governor and Council of New South Wales. Victoria No.?
Signed by proprietor or superintendent William Snow Clifton.
Declared before me at Molka.
On the first day of January 1848.
John Livingstone J. P.

Amendment to return of January 1st 1848.

Letter from William Snow Clifton reads as follows.
Goulburn River January the 9th 1848.
I beg to state that at the time of making the preceding return I was not aware that unweaned stock were intended to be included, which on subsequently reading the act l apprehend is the case, I therefore wish to be allowed to amend it by the addition of.
1095 lambs, 3 calves, 2 foals.
Making the total 5517.sheep, 28 cattle, 11 horses.
which to the best of my knowledge and believe is correct
Fees payed. Sheep. Cattle horses
I have the honour to be,
Your most obedient servant.
William Snow Clifton.

Amendment January 1, 1848

Return of livestock for Arcadia Run July 1850

Livestock Return July, 1850

Return of livestock for Arcadia Run January 1857

Livestock Return January, 1857

Dispute letter

Arcadia Goulburn River.
October 27th 1857
To His Excellency C.J. LaTrobe Esq.
Lieut. Governor of Victoria.
Having been informed that Mr Shepherd has applied to be permitted to make a fresh application for a lease for a run adjoining this called Tallygaroopna with a view of extending the boundaries of the same, I have taken the liberty of submitting to your Excellency that such a proceeding would be fraught with great injustice if it interfered with the existing claim so far as it relates to the run called Arcadia in the occupation of M.S.and H.Clifton–that boundary was agreed on partly between Mr Shepherd and myself and a continuation of the same by Mr Shepherd’s agent in his absence in England–guidelines have been subsequently defined by Mr ?? a government surveyor at my request having previously received the sanction of your Excellency which I had every reason to believe would be final.
I have the honour to be.
Your Most Obedt Servt
William Snow Clifton.

Dispute Letter October 27, 1857

Application to divide Run

Port Phillip Club Hotel.
January 21 1858
I beg to make application to you to allow me to divide the run called Arcadia in the Murray District into two parts, I propose to take the Broken River as a division line, that part lying north of the said River to be called the “Pine Lodge Station” and that part south of the said River still to retain the name of “Arcadia”. Then the stations will be of almost equal area it will contain about fifty thousand acres each and will each carry of four thousand sheep.
I have the Honour to be
Your Most Obedient Servant
William Snow Clifton

Application to Divide Run January 21, 1858

Transfer of Licence

The Chief Commissioner Crown Lands
Melbourne. Feb. 23. 1857/1858 ?
I have the honour to request that you will cause a transfer of the licenses for the Stations in the Murray district of the Colony of Victoria and known as “Arcadia” and “Pine Lodge Stations” now held in the joint names of W. S. and H. Clifton, to be made to me William Snow Clifton one of the parties names in the present license the other party being my late brother to administer whose estate I am duly authorised by law.
I have the Honour to be.
Your most Obedient Servant.
William Snow Clifton.

Transfer of Licence February 23, 1858

Letter of Administration

Crown Solicitor’s Office.
The 24th February 1858.
I hereby certify that administration of the goods and chattels of Henry Clifton were duly committed to William Snow Clifton on the twenty sixth day of May 1854 and that as such administration the said William Snow Clifton is the proper person to request the transfer of any Station or runs now standing in the name of the said William Clifton either alone or in conjunction other persons.
Henry ??
Crown Valuer

Letter of administration 24 February, 1858