The Arcadia Fire Brigade

The Arcadia Fire Brigade welcomes you to this segment of the History of Arcadia. All members of the Brigade are volunteers who give of their time to attend fires and incidents requiring the attendance of a fire tanker which at the present time is a Type 25 2D 2500 ltr Hino.

Arcadia CFA Fire Brigade Captain Ray McManus

We are part of the C.F.A which currently (Aug. 2003) has 58725 volunteers and 1435 permanent staff. We are the most northern brigade in the Murchison Group which has 7 brigades under it’s wing, these being Arcadia, Bailieston, Dargalong/Wahring, Moorilim, Murchison, Nagambie and Wirate. The Murchison Group is part of Region 22 which has it’s headquarters in Shepparton. There are 10 Groups consisting of 16 Urban Brigades and 67 Rural Brigades in this Region.

The officers of the Arcadia Fire Brigade are currently:

The Arcadia Fire Brigade held it’s annual meeting on May 26th 2010 at the Community Centre. The following people were elected for two years to the leadership positions.

  • Captain Ray McManus
  • 1st Lieut. Shane Young
  • 2nd Lieut. Cris Ferguson
  • 3rd Lieut. Gavin Doyle
  • Comms Off. Cris Ferguson
  • Secretary. Laurence Noonan