Organisations in Arcadia

During the early part of the 20th Century as the Arcadia community grew various organisations came into being playing an important role in bringing people together. Many of these sporting, social and welfare groups served their purpose for a particular time and have now faded into history.

Sporting Groups

A variety of sporting groups have existed including:

  • Arcadia Gun Club – in the Murchison Advertiser on October 12th 1906 there is an account of the club organising a ‘sparrow shoot’.
  • Arcadia & District Sports Club – held regular athletic meetings.
  • Picnic horse races were held, where a large number of bookmakers would “lay the odds for the field”.
  • Arcadia football team – the Murchison Advertiser gives several reports of an Arcadia team playing from 1903 to 1920.
  • Cricket – played a prominent role in the community first recorded in 1929 and ceased to exist during the mid 1950’s.
  • Arcadia Tennis Team – the earliest account of the Arcadia tennis team was in 1924 when Arcadia played Miepoll at Kennedy’s tennis court. It was possibly at a later date the 2 tennis courts were built in the township.

Social and Welfare Organisations

A branch of the Red Cross was particularly active in the Arcadia district during the period of the 1st World War. In 1941 the Arcadia Goodwill Club was formed to raise money for soldiers from the district.
During the 1930’s there was a very active group of people who formed the Wattle Club. This group ran social events such as dances, concerts etc.
For women in the district there was a local branch of the CWA (Country Women’s Association) who met on a regular basis at the Arcadia Hall.

Farmers Group

A farmers group called the Victorian Wheat and Wool Growers Association had a branch in Arcadia, which in 1968 amalgamated with Australian Primary Producers Union to become part of Victorian Farmers Union later know as Victorian Farmers Federation (VFF).

Present Organisations

  • Arcadia & District Progress Association formed in 1989;
  • Arcadia Landcare Group formed in 1994;
  • Arcadia Fire Brigade formed in 1935 is the one organisation that has survived the test of time and is still a vibrant and important part of the community.