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Map showing lands inhabited by aboriginal tribes

Aboriginal Lands

Map showing Arcadia, Pine Lodge and Noorilim Pastoral Runs

Pastoral runs Arcadia

Skeleton chart of the surveyed portion of the Murray District showing the different stations with their boundaries after 1858.

Pastoral Run boundaries from Shire of Benalla Centenary of Local Government book.

The boundary of the Molka Run which bordered the Arcadia and Noorilim Runs 1852.

Part of the Arcadia Run in 1853, it was subdivided by Henry Clifton in 1858, the Homestead was located where Arcadia Downs is now located.

Maps showing the Noorilim Pastoral Run 1847

Noorilim run
North part Noorilim run prior 1858
South part Noorilim run proir 1858