Fire Ready for 2010-2011

12/19/2010 8:47

Fire Danger Period Commences

CFA Captain Ray McManus.
As we approach summer and the start of the fire danger period, Arcadia CFA Captain Ray McManus today emphasised the importance of training for our brigade members, so that they become proficient in the operation of our tanker and are aware of the dangers that may face the crew in fighting wildfire.

Following the recomendations from the Royal Commission who investigated the Black Saturday fires,the brigade and group structures remain much the same. However Cluster Groups, which includes brigades from the Murchison Group and also brigades from neighbouring groups, have been set up as a support for the individual brigades. The northern area of the Murchison Group has the following brigades; Arcadia, Karramomus, Murchison, Moorilim and Toolamba. The southern area consists of the following brigades; Avenel, Bailieston, Nagambie, Wahring, and Wirrate.

New members are always welcome at the brigade; Ray McManus said that six new people have signed up to become members. They will shortly begin their Minimum Skills training after which they will become active members of the brigade.

Fire prevention works have been carried out by brigade members in and around the township area. Fire breaks have been burnt along Carters Rd and also along the railway line.

The Fire Danger period for Arcadia and surrounding areas commences at 0100 hrs on Monday 20th December 2010. This means that no burning off can take place without a permit from the municipal authority and regulations must be observed in regard to camp fires and the use of barbecues on days of high fire danger.