Notes from Arcadia Landcare

6/10/2004 23:45 Weeds Over the past 10 years there has been a progressive spread of weeds into the Goulbourn Valley area, in particular the weed Patterson’s Curse has taken a foothold on both public and private land, the Arcadia area has not been immune from this menace. The Strathbogie Shire Council has a Land Management… Continue reading Notes from Arcadia Landcare

Phone 000 when you require the Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance.

13/7/2004 23:42 News Flash! The ERS (Emergency Reporting System) which has been used to alert Fire Brigades to a fire or incident requiring the attendance of the fire brigade became redundant on Sept 13 2004. People now reporting via the telephone a fire or incident requiring the attendance of the fire brigade will be diverted… Continue reading Phone 000 when you require the Fire Brigade, Police, Ambulance.

Fire Brigade Chatter

12/11/2004 23:40 Accident on Highway On Nov.11 2004 at 1830 hrs the brigade attended a MVA on the Hwy near Noonan’s Rd intersection, a collision occurred between a B Double truck and a station wagon, the driver of the station wagon was killed in the accident. The Moorilim brigade also attended in support.

Sept.14th 2004 Meeting

14/9/2004 23:39 The 5th meeting of the Community Liaison Group was held on Sept 14th at Vic Roads Offices Shepparton. Arcadia members who were present were: Graeme Jennings, Chris Ferguson, Laurie Noonan, Gavin Doyle, Bernard Kennedy, reps. Were also present from the Shire Councils of Shepparton and Sthathbogie, The RSL, G M Water, Shepparton Inviromental… Continue reading Sept.14th 2004 Meeting

Arcadia Freeway Update

3/7/2007 11:17:00 PM In an interview with Rob Trebilco who is Cut & Fill’s Project Manager for the duplication of the Arcadia section of the Goulburn Valley Hwy, he indicated that the project was on schedule and expected that the duplicated highway would be completed and open to traffic in November this year. However, he… Continue reading Arcadia Freeway Update

Australia Day at Arcadia 2007

26/1/2007 23:20 There was a gathering of at least 70 people who came to the Community Centre to celebrate Australia Day. Everyone enjoyed the Aussie breakfast of snags, bacon, eggs and tomatoes. Kevin Murray raised the flag, he is a past player of the Fitzroy Football Club and Brownlow Medallist and has been a resident… Continue reading Australia Day at Arcadia 2007

Arcadia Rail Crossing Upgrade

12/8/2006 23:21 Today warning lights and bells were commissioned at the northern rail crossing at Arcadia, this will certainly improve the safety for motorists using this crossing. However the question has been asked “Why not the south crossing as well where the road crosses the line at an angle thus restricting the view of the… Continue reading Arcadia Rail Crossing Upgrade