Australia Day Celebration 2012

8/5/2012 14:19
Australia Day was celebrated at Arcadia with an Aussie breakfast of lamb chops, bacon, snags, eggs and tomatoes, washed down with orange juice and coffee. There were about seventy people who enjoyed this start to the day.

The Australia Day Ambassador was Claude Lombard from Melbourne. Claude is often called on by the media as the voice of Victoria’s grass roots business, recognised as a man who has never lost sight of his original plan. His address championed the hard work ethic, to have respect for those whom you are associated with and to never forget your friends. He was a very down to earth sort of character and mixed freely with the local people. He and his wife were among the last people to leave the function.

The Arcadia Citizen of The Year award went to Gerald Quirk. Gerald has been very active in the community for many years, a past captain of the fire brigade and also involved in the Progress and Landcare groups. Gerald was also a member of the Shepparton Agricultural Society and served a term as President of that society.
Claude Lombard, Bernard Kennedy & Gerald Quirk.
Claude Lombard & Gerald Quirk.

Peter Brereton from the CFA presented long service awards to members of the Arcadia Fire Brigade. The service awards for volunteers in Rural Brigades have now been updated from a simple clip on medal to one with a ribbon, bar etc. These are now similar to the awards which are presented to the Urban Brigade members.

  • The following members received awards.
  • Lee Menhennett; 5 year certificate.
  • Barry Crimmins; 15 year medal.
  • Ray McManus, Shane Young, Alan Spence, Frances Kennedy; 20 year medals.
  • Peter Daldy, Des Quirk; 25 year medals.
  • Rowan Gribben, Cris Ferguson; 30 year medals.
  • Gavin Doyle; 35 year medal.
  • Bernard Kennedy; 45 year medal.
  • Ian Clarke, John Kennedy; 55 year medals.
  • Gerald Quirk; 60 year medal.
  • Laurie Noonan; 65 year medal.
Peter Brereton & Rowan Gribben.
Peter Brereton & Lee Menhennett.

The celebrations closed with the raising of the Australian Flag and the singing of the National Anthem.

Raising the flag.