Australia Day at Arcadia 2018

29/01/2018 15:27

Celebration of Australia Day.

Australia Day celebration at Arcadia this year was a lower key event than in the recent past, however it was just as significient and important for us Arcadiaites as any other time. Because of an “administrative stuff-up” the Greater Shepparton City Council was of the opinion that Arcadia was not holding a ceremony this year. Consequently there was no funding, no Ambassador, no representative from council present on the day. But thanks to all our helpers we held a very successful ceremony.

As normal a good crowd gathered for breakfast on the morning of the 26th and thanks must go to all who either organised, prepared and cooked for the event.
Ros Sinclair presenting Karreen with her Australia Day awards.

Ros Sinclair was the MC for the event, she welcomed everyone and thanked all who assisted with the event. The Arcadia Citizen of the Year was Karreen Lucas, since moving to Arcadia a few short years ago Karreen has endeared herself to all who live here by taking an active role in all that helps the district.

She has involved herself with the Arcadia Community Planning Committee and is an enthusiastic member of the Arcadia Fire Brigade, attained her minimum skills accreditation and is always one of the first to be available to crew the tanker when it is called to a fire or incident. She is now the assistant secretary of the brigade and carries out all it’s administrative duties.

Karreen was also awarded the City of Greater Shepparton Citizen of the Year Award, both awards being truely justified. Well done Karreen.

Some of local identities who celebrated Australia Day at Arcadia.

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