Merry Christmas Stumpy 2016

24/12/2016 11:41
Stumpy family.
Stumpy and his family would like to wish everyone a very happy and joyful Christmas. As you pass by please give us a wave and please drive carefully and have a safe journey.

All the Best Stumpy, Mrs Stumpy and family.

A special thank you to the people who look after Stumpy and his family and keep the area where they reside clean and tidy. Stumpy has been one of the features in the Arcadia area for many years, he started from very humble beginnings, forever keeping his eye on the traffic that passes by.

Jeanette Doherty wrote a poem about Stumpy which I include here, I believe it portrays the Stumpy feeling.

Also seen in the Arcadia area was Santa delivering presents and good cheer. But alas Santa was having car trouble. Hope he is in the RACV???

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