Arcadia Fire Brigade to plane crash.

4/3/2009 16:29
At 1430hrs on Wednesday 25th February, the Arcadia Brigade received a pager message to support Shepparton at a plane crash and fire at the Shepparton Airport. Local brigade resources were already stretched with 10 tankers being turned out to a fire in large mulch windrows at Daldy Rd just north of Shepparton.
Plane Crash.
Plane Crash.

The Arcadia Tanker with 5 members, supplied water to Shepparton Pumper which in turn was extinguishing hot spots in the wreckage of the plane. Peter (Pip) Borrman, a well known and accomplished aerobatic pilot did not survive the crash.

The Arcadia Tanker was then re-deployed to Daldy Rd to ferry water to units fighting this fire, our tanker was released at 1730hrs to return home.

Mulch Fire.
Bernie McManus in charge at the mulch fire.

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