Roadside fires at Arcadia

24/01/2019 13:49 Fires on The Goulburn Valley Hwy/Fwy. This fire on the Goulburn Valley Hwy occurred on January 8th at 1615 hrs it started in the median strip between the highway and Dawson Rd and burnt fiercely until brought under control quickly when the first tankers arrived on the scene. The fire spotted over Dawson… Continue reading Roadside fires at Arcadia

Australia Day at Arcadia 2018

29/01/2018 15:27 Celebration of Australia Day. Australia Day celebration at Arcadia this year was a lower key event than in the recent past, however it was just as significient and important for us Arcadiaites as any other time. Because of an “administrative stuff-up” the Greater Shepparton City Council was of the opinion that Arcadia was… Continue reading Australia Day at Arcadia 2018

Australia Day 2017 at Arcadia

6/2/2017 14:59 We Celebrate Australia Day at Arcadia. This morning we gathered at the Arcadia Community Centre to celebrate Australia Day. A cool morning with a south breeze helped keep some of the flies away, but being in Australia you have to have some flies to exercise the arms!! Since 1994 when Australia Day was… Continue reading Australia Day 2017 at Arcadia

Great Things in Arcadia

26/12/2016 10:59 Great Things have been happening at Arcadia. The recreation area in the township area has had a face lift, thanks to The Committee of Management, The Community Planning Committee, The Greater Shepparton City Council, the staff of the Council who have liased and organised the elements that now make the area so much… Continue reading Great Things in Arcadia

MVA on Goulburn Valley FWY

26/12/2016 10:21 Fire Brigade attends MVA on Freeway On Tuesday December 13th at 1104Hrs ( A day of Total Fireban ) the Arcadia Fire Brigade was called to an MVA on the Goulburn Valley FWY, on the north bound side just north of Noonans Rd. One lane on part of this section was closed to… Continue reading MVA on Goulburn Valley FWY

Merry Christmas Stumpy 2016

24/12/2016 11:41 Stumpy and his family would like to wish everyone a very happy and joyful Christmas. As you pass by please give us a wave and please drive carefully and have a safe journey. All the Best Stumpy, Mrs Stumpy and family. A special thank you to the people who look after Stumpy and… Continue reading Merry Christmas Stumpy 2016

A little History Trivia

21/9/2016 13:32 Arcadia History Trivia Recently the Arcadia Progress Association received a letter from a gentleman in Sydney regarding a piece of Victorian Colonial history which has a connection to Our Arcadia. It is a sword and scabbard that was presented to William Snow Clifton in 1858 for services rendered as Hon. Secretary – Treasurer… Continue reading A little History Trivia

A second serious MVA closes Goulburn Valley Hwy at Arcadia

26/12/2015 14:20 Second serious MVA closes Goulburn Valley Hwy at Arcadia again. A section of the Goulburn Valley Hwy 1Km north of the start of The Freeway saw the second serious accident within two weeks. At 2151hrs on Tuesday December 22nd the Arcadia Fire Brigade along with Shepparton and Kialla Brigades were called to this… Continue reading A second serious MVA closes Goulburn Valley Hwy at Arcadia