The Futuristic Man

District News

News about people, events and the way of life in the early days as reported in local newspapers such as the Goulburn/Murchison Advertiser, the Euroa Advertiser and other papers often relied on people in that locality to forward articles to the editors of these papers, they were then presented under the minor heading "From our own correspondent". Depending on the "correspondent" the local news could be quite regular or only an occasional occurence, also some correspondents moved away or lost their enthusiasm for producing items for the papers, so it was a bit haphazard. But the contribution these scribes made in telling the local story has been fantastic from a public interest and historical point of view, no photographs in the early days to paint a picture, so some of the writings had to be quite descriptive and they were it he case of some tragic events.

However some articles, because of the age of the newspaper or it's printing are quite hard to read, as is the case in the following article, which appeared in the Euroa Advertiser on July 2nd 1901. It gives a report about farming at the time, cropping, cows dying for unknown reasons, lambing time and foxes. But this scribe also tells a story about a local whom you might say "Was well ahead of his time", I have called it "The Futuristic Man". Part of the article is below.

 The Futuristic Man

Within the excavations of a tree on the banks of The Goulburn at Arcadia, is at present the "study" of an "enthusiast", who intends to revolutionaise all modern inventions, where in, he contemplates constructing an "air ship", in which he states, when completed he can leave Melbourne at say 4AM and be in London at 12AM the same day, providing the two cities named are in a direct line with one another, his mode of procedure being as follows. To soar away in a perpendicular direction from earth until it's attraction is lost, this will occur at the height 29.75 miles, as the genius has found out after careful calculations. His ship being equipped with all the latest life preserving fluids and air manufacturing appliances etc. He has simply to remain stationary at the elevation indicated and await developments. The earth will then be noticed revolving, he further asserts, at the rate of 2700 miles per hour, and when the place you require to "drop on" comes directly under you, "down you go". My informant expresses his estonishment at people travelling, his motto is "Let the globe do that part of the business, instead of us hitherto". He states he has carefully figured out the total cost of his invention which will amount to 36,807Pounds and as soon as that amount is placed at his disposal, he proceeds to business. He has condescendingly promised several who give financial assistance towards the construction of his ship a free ride on it's maiden trip to the unknown regions, including "your own" who has donated sixpence towards the scheme and suggested the appointment of some respectable publican as treasurer.

Comment. Travel seems a lot more complicated in this modern age that we now live in??  Perhaps this "genius" had spent too long "contemplating" at either McCluskeys Hotel or at the Arcadia Wine Cafe which was possibly quite handy to his "study"??