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Roadside fires at Arcadia

Posted on 24 January, 2019

Fires on The Goulburn Valley Hwy/Fwy.

This fire on the Goulburn Valley Hwy occured on January 8th at 1615 hrs it started in the median strip between the highway and Dawson Rd and burnt fiercely until brought under control quickly when the first tankers arrived on the scene. The fire spotted over Dawson Rd but an almost bare paddock prevented it from getting a hold and causing further damage to property. The heli-tank plane also assisted in the control of this fire. About eight CFA units from surrounding brigades also attended and assisted in blacking out the area.

The blacking out operation while on the left of the photo a CFA Investigator examines the scene

The following week on January 15th at approximately 1830 hrs another roadside fire occured on the centre median strip on the Freeway just north of Noonans Rd. This fire was quickly brought under control by the Arcadia Brigade, the Moorilim Tanker and members also assisted with the the cleanup for this fire. This fire is also under investigation.