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The Karramomus Tennis Club which is part of the wider Arcadia Community continues to exist despite many country tennis clubs falling by the wayside. What is it's secret ?.

Posted on 31 March, 2013

The Karramomus Tennis Family.What is the secret for the Karramomus Tennis Club continuing to exist when other country clubs have fallen by the wayside, clubs such as Arcadia, Cosgrove Sth, Caniambo, Kialla Central and Pine Lodge to name but a few. The number of people playing tennis at the local ...

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Australia Day Celebration at Arcadia 2013

Posted on 28 January, 2013

Celebration of Australia Day at Arcadia. An early start, seven am, up at the Community Centre in Arcadia for Lisa and Fran who were there to get the breakfast underway. Fruit to be cut up, tables to be set. By 7.45am the cooking of the chops, snags,bacon etc was underway. The aroma from the ...

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Arcadia Fire Brigade has busy start to fire season

Posted on 13 January, 2013

Brigade has busy start to fire season.The Arcadia Fire Brigade has had a busy start to the fire season, turning out to incidents each day for eight continous days. These were mainly burn offs that had re-ignited or had escaped, and happened before fire restrictions came in to force on December ...

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Australia Day Celebration 2012

Posted on 5 August, 2012

Australia Day Arcadia 2012Australia Day was celebrated at Arcadia with an Aussie breakfast of lamb chops, bacon, snags, eggs and tomatoes,washed down with orange juice and coffee. There were about seventy people who enjoyed this start to the day. The Australia Day anbassador was Claude Lombard ...

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Fire Ready for 2010-2011

Posted on 19 December, 2010

Fire Danger Period Commences As we approach summer and the start of the fire danger period, Arcadia CFA Captain Ray McManus today emphasised the importance of training for our brigade members, so that they become proficient in the operation of our tanker and are aware of the dangers that may ...

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